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Oh Yeahh! Lip Balm Pink

Oh Yeahh! Lip Balm Pink


For women who know that living a relaxed and simple life is the first step to happiness. Pink is the ideal colour for romantic women who know how to show their emotions through their lips.


• Made in Milan
• Fully Natural Patented Formula
• Happiness Boosting Complex
• Potent Antioxidents
• Fully Recyclable
• 12 hr Moisturising Complex
• All Natural Active Ingredients
• SPF30
• Hypoallergenic
• No Animal Products
• Cruelty Free

  • Ingredients:

    African plants containing phytotherapeutic properties, with positive effects in supporting  the improvement of emotional well-being, sleep problems, and appetite. 

    Abundant in vitamins, feeding the skin and invigorating body and spirit.

    Due to its antioxidant properties and revitalizing action, this proves to have excellent effects for moisturising protecting and repairing skin. 

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