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Brush On Block SPF30 Translucent

Brush On Block SPF30 Translucent


Original translucent. Brush on Block is a dry powdered mineral based sunscreen. It’s portable, goes on quickly, and is safe for sensitive skin. 


Brush on Block® provides SPF 30 Broad Spectrum protection in a translucent mineral powder. With its easy brush-on application, you’ll use it often, re-apply it with ease, and take it everywhere for effortless on-the-go sun protection whenever you need it. Brush On Block® is perfect for all your everyday activities – golf, tennis, walking, soccer, running and more.

  • Additional Info:

    • SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Protection
    • Sweat and Water Resistant
    • No Chemical Sunscreen Ingredients
    • No Greasy Mess
    • Doesn’t Sting Eyes
    • Goes on Over or Under Makeup
    • Non-irritating and Won’t Cause Breakouts
    • Easy and Convenient
    • Portable Self-dispensing Brush
    • Great for Thinning Hair or Bald Spots
    • Ideal for Men, Women and Children
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