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Skin Consultation

We offer treatments for all skin conditions/needs and for all-over skin health.


Book a comprehensive skin consultation to get you started on your journey.


This includes an in-depth skin consultation and discussion, cleanse, an investigation of the skin and aftercare and sunscreen applied.

A detailed prescription of a recommended treatment plan, internal wellness and home care regimen will be tailor-made.

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This is a safe form of exfoliation using a scalpel blade to gently remove dead skin cells and unwanted 'peach fuzz' hair.

This allows for deeper product penetration and flawless looking skin and makeup application.

Can be added onto any facial treatment.

Osmosis Medi

Relax while this facial uses sublime facial massage techniques to infuse clinical, highly active ingredients into your skin. Results driven, non-inflammatory and tailored to your individual skin.

Radiance & Restore


This decadent, nourishing facial will hydrate even the most dry, stressed and dehydrated skins. Invigorate and rejuvenate your complexion with this 'pick me up' for your skin.

Emerge with beautifully calm,, luminous and hydrated skin.

Includes Revitpen and Rescue serum.

Osmosis Enliven
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This decadent, nourishing facial will invigorate and rejuvenate your complexion in addition to tackling fine lines and wrinkles with moisture rich ingredients to boost overall radiance. 

Includes Revitapen and all transformation serums.

Osmosis Infusion

Our '30 day' facial.

Provides the ultimate in dermal remodeling through increasing circulation, boosting immunity and skin rejuvenation.

Penetrates a high dose Vitamin A deep into the skin which keeps working for 30 days.

(Clients must be using a Vitamin A serum for 4 weeks prior to this treatment).

add on $60


A non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption 1000x deeper into the skin to create visible and instant results.


utilizing a unique sphere-shaped tip which rapidly pulsates to create micro-channels driving active ingredients into the skin for optimal restoration and rejuvenation.


This can be added to any facial treatment. See below for add on menu. 

Triple Collagen

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Launching soon

Hydrojelly Mask
add on $45

Electrolised Hydrojelly masks are new-generation peel-off masks made primarily from algae. 

Featuring new electrolyte technology, Hydrojelly masks offer the skin a blast of essential electrolytes to help combat fatigue, provide hydration and leave you with a more flawless finish.

A wide range of masks are available for different skin concerns. Your therapist will choose what is best for you.

Can be added to any facial treatment. 

Willow's Choice


Not sure what you want or need?

Simply book an appointment time for a 'Willows Choice' and a therapist will guide you to the best treatment for your skin concerns. 

Hyrojelly Mask






Hydration Mask


Osmosis Active Mask


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